12 Thousand Signs Petition Rejecting Vaccine Card Administration Terms

12 Thousand Signs Petition Rejecting Vaccine Card Administration Terms - More than 12,000 people have signed a petition calling for requirements that require visitors to show a Covid-19 vaccine certificate to enter the mall area.

Based on CNNIndonesia.com monitoring on Tuesday (7/9) at 11.15 WIB, the petition with the title 'Cancel Vaccine Card as an Administrative Requirement' uploaded on the change.org site has been signed by 12,088 people.

The petition's uploader, Lilis, in the explanation section of the petition questioned who would be responsible if a post-technical follow-up event (AEFI) was found for people who did not meet the vaccine requirements, such as comorbid patients, who participated in the Covid-19 vaccination program due to entry rules made by the government.

"Will there be any person who will be held responsible if there is an unwanted event after vaccination?" Lilis said as quoted from a petition she uploaded on the change.org site.

He said the government should provide other solutions and implement the current regulations, not make it mandatory to go to the mall or travel.

According to him, the regulation has a negative impact on people who do not qualify as participants in the vaccination program.

"In the midst of current conditions, vaccination is indeed good to suppress the spread of Covid-19, but please consider the policies that are made to always be fair and transparent. #Cancel Vaccine Card as an Administrative Requirement," he wrote.

"Please Mr. President's policy to review this related policy. May Allah always give guidance, safety, to Mr. President in leading Indonesia," he added.

To note, entering the mall can no longer be known or only by measuring body temperature. Vaccine certificate is a requirement to enter the mall.

How to use a vaccine certificate to enter the mall is to scan the QR code first.

Before entering the mall or shopping center area, visitors are required to scan a QR code through the PeduliLindung application or show a vaccine certificate.

Meanwhile, those who have not vaccinated can still enter the mall area by showing negative evidence of PCR/antigen.

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