Brazilian truck driver strike to support Bolsonaro fails

Brazilian truck driver strike to support Bolsonaro fails - Protests by Brazilian truck drivers loyal to President Jair Bolsonaro largely failed on Friday. The failure came as a relief to industry circles worried about supply shortages.

Brazil's infrastructure minister said in a statement Friday morning that there were protests along highways in three states, Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Rondonia, but no roads were blocked. That's far less than the 16 states that signed up for street protests earlier this week.

The country's federal highway police said the protests "no longer present the threat of a partial or total blockade and are headed for complete demobilization."

Spurred on by Bolsonaro's call to challenge the Supreme Court at Tuesday's political rally, the truck blockade escalated further on Wednesday. Earlier this week, Brazil's far-right leader accused the Supreme Court of trying to prevent him from ruling and asked Chief Justice Alexandre de Moraes to step down.

On Thursday (9/9), Bolosnaro tried to defuse the dispute and said he had told truck drivers to disperse. Bolsonaro warned that if the protests continued into Sunday, it would lead to serious supply shortages.

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