China Announces $31M Aid Package for Afghanistan

China Announces $31M Aid Package for Afghanistan - China Wednesday announced a $31 million aid package for Afghanistan, which appears to be one of the first new pledges of foreign aid to the Taliban-ruled country.

The aid will include food, supplies for winter weather and a COVID-19 vaccine.

"China has decided to immediately provide assistance worth nearly $31 million (200 million yuan) in rice and wheat, winter supplies, vaccines and medicines to Afghanistan according to the needs of the Afghan people," according to the state news agency, Xinhua.

The announcement of the aid package came on the same day that China said it would establish communication with the Taliban rulers after they took the "necessary steps" to form an interim government.

Speaking with counterparts from Pakistan, Iran and Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said the aid would help rebuild the war-torn country. He also said China would help fight terrorism and drug trafficking in the country.

Wang also called for the Taliban to sever ties with all terrorist groups, and accused the East Turkestan Islamic Movement of carrying out attacks in Xinjiang.

China and Afghanistan share a 50-mile (about 80-kilometer) border at the end of the narrow Wakhan Corridor.

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