COVID-19 Death Rate Rises, Biden Issues 'Vaccination Mandate'

COVID-19 Death Rate Rises, Biden Issues 'Vaccination Mandate' - More than two months ago, on Independence Day, President Joe Biden declared that the United States was “closer than ever to declaring freedom from the deadly virus (COVID-19).”

By then, the vaccine had lowered the average daily death toll from COVID-19 from more than 3,400 at the start of the year to around 400 in early July.

However, the decline did not last long.

On Thursday (9/9), with about 1,500 Americans dying from COVID-19 every day, according to, Biden announced new measures aimed at defeating the virus, including a "vaccine mandate" for federal government employees.

Public health experts have praised stepped-up efforts, including a new "vaccine mandate" and increased access to screening. But some experts say the steps don't go far enough. They note that the ambiguous message of the Biden administration is to blame for the current situation.

Although the vaccine is declared safe, effective, free and widely available, a quarter of the adult population in America has not taken the first shot.

The highly contagious delta variant coronavirus has infected unprotected populations, much like the California wildfires. They are flooding hospitals in parts of the country and hampering the real economic recovery that is starting to take place.

The United States has the highest death rate and the second-lowest COVID-19 vaccination rate among the world's major industrialized nations, according to

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