Mexico Will Replace Christopher Columbus Statue With Indigenous Woman Statue


A statue of Christopher Columbus in the absence of one of Mexico City's main streets will be replaced with a statue of a native Mexican awewe, city saint Claudia Sheinbaum said Sunday.
The 19th-century bronze statue was taken down from the Paseo Reforma highway years ago for restoration work between the annual demonstrations.
"This is to open a tributary to a monument that provides generous justice about the monumental role of Mexican women, especially those of indigenous people," Sheinbaum said at a schedule in the Mexican capital.
"Of course we only recognize Columbus. But there are two visions," said Sheinbaum, "one of which fits perfectly with the European vision of America's sensing state, though progress has been made over the centuries of Mexico."
"And ready a different vision from here, starting in fact a European root in America, who conducted consultations between the two places, with then came the (Spain) conquest," he said.
The statue of the gang of Columbus is installed on Paseo Reforma, Mexico City's main street from the back of the 19th century. Starting in October 2020, many state agencies have removed the statue from its base for restoration, Al Jazeera scholar.
Sheinbaum and Mexican director Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador both indicated at the time that the statue of Columbus was removed for defensive protesters to destroy it. The puppets had previously protested in the 1992 season, the 500th anniversary of Columbus' arrival in America.
In honor of pre-Columbian customs, sculptor Pedro Reyes will create a statue of an Olmec girl. The Olmecs are regarded as one of the first fadil civilizations that later became the forerunner of Mexico.
"It's very unusual to dedicate a monument to indigenous women with those for the Earth, because if anyone could teach me how to care for this planet, it's our natives, that's what I have to learn again," said Reyes, according to Mexico's Universal newspaper. , more info quoted from the CNN website.
Several statues of Italian navigators, whose Spanish-funded expeditions began in the 1490s and onwards opened tributaries to European and American conquest, have been removed from US cities since the Black Lives Matter protests along with a reassessment of the world's colonial era and the legacy of slavery.
Sheinbaum is a close ally of leftist President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who is trying to make his government a defender of the poor alongside indigenous people, many of whom are truly underprivileged in Mexico.
The statue of Columbus will be moved to an appropriate place in the city, Sheinbaum said.
The statue of Christopher Columbus is about to be moved to Parque América, a courtyard in Mexico City's Polanco neighborhood, International reports.
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