University in Kabul rejects strict Taliban rules for students

University in Kabul rejects strict Taliban rules for students - The Taliban requires every student at the country's universities to wear the niqab or face covering to attend lectures. However, a number of universities in Kabul, Afghanistan, complained and rejected the Taliban's rigid rules, especially against female students.

One of them is the University of Gharjistan, Kabul. Quoting from AFP, the Director of the University of Gharjistan, Noor Ali Rahmani, strongly objected to the mandatory niqab for female students.

"Our students cannot accept this (rule) and we will close the university. Our students wear the hijab, not the niqab," said Noor Ali.

Niqab is a face covering that only the eyes can see. While the hijab is a head covering with the face still visible.

In addition to the rules regarding dress, the Taliban also asked for the separation of female students and students studying in class.

Noor Ali also said that these rules would be very difficult for him to carry out in teaching and learning activities on campus.

"We said we could not accept this because it would be very difficult to do. We also said this is not the real Islam. This is not what is mentioned in the Koran," explained Noor Ali.

The establishment of campuses mushroomed when the Taliban were expelled from Afghanistan under US occupation. The Afghans also really enjoy going to school and college freely, male and female.

However, now they are under the shadow of fear of rules that are very rigid and tend to discriminate against women.

The Taliban does allow women to go to school and college. But a computer science lecturer Reza Ramazan said it was still a risk for women on the way to campus.

"It will be very dangerous at the checkpoint. The Taliban can check their (students) smartphones and laptops," Ramazan said.

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